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My name is Cosimo Distante but most people call me “Mimmo”. I was born in Francavilla Fontana (near Brindisi) a part of Apulia region known as Salento.
I received the degree in Computer Science in 1997 at the University of Bari and PhD in Engineering in 2001 at University of Salento. In 1998 I was visiting researcher at the Computer Science Department of the
University of Massachusetts at Amherst MA (USA) where I worked in the context of Perceptual Robotics and Artificial Neural Networks systems (Prof. R. Gruen and Prof. A. Barto). I served as teaching Assistant of the Artificial Intelligence Class with Prof. Victor Lesser at the University of Massachusetts. In 2001 I joined the Italian National Research Council CNR leading the signal and image processing laboratory. In 2009 I joined the National Institute of Optics of the CNR. Since 2003 I teach “Image Processing” and “Pattern Recognition” at the Computer Engineering course of the faculty of engineering of the University of Salento, Lecce Italy. In 2011, I’ve been awarded with the national innovation Prize working capital PNI-Cube with the project Taggalo which became a startup and CNR’s spinoff company, where I served as CTO and CSO. In 2012 I was awarded from the Senate President and Minister of Education University and Research of the Republic of Italy with the “Prize of the Prizes” for Innovation. I currently am with the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent systems ISASI “ScienceAPP” (the former Institute of Cybernetics founded in 1968 by Prof. E.R. Caianiello one of the italian pioneer of Artificial Intelligence) of the CNR. My main research interests are in the field of computer vision and pattern recognition applied to: audience measurements, security and surveillance, robotics, medical imaging and manufacturing.

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